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Last updated: March 22, 2017

Sean Feeney


Pixel Precise is a web design company that was created by Sean Feeney. Sean is a Technical Operations Product Lifecycle Program Manager for Massachusetts based Fortune 200 company Dell EMC, where he led many global initiatives, ran the customer service website and optimized the engineering and support processes. Sean built Pixel Precise because he wanted to bring those of world class skills and excellence of customer service to you and your business.



Pixel Precise is more than just a web design & development company.  We are also here to help guide you through social networking, effective customer communication and provide consulting on how to become a powerhouse on the web.  Our goal is to provide you with the tools that will give you the best chances at succeeding in today’s fast paced technological environment.


Where are we located?

Pixel Precise is currently located in Norton, Massachusetts.  We service the greater Boston area, but please don’t think we are limited there.

Pixel Precise LLC
P.O. Box 812
Norton, Ma. 02766


What Next?

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